July 27, 2007

testingIf you think the age of the youngest principal credit card holder is 18 years of age, think again. A 9-year-old boy name Kyle Shoemaker has received not just one but two credit cards and an $18,000 line of credit, according to a report in Associated Press.

Could this be another case of identity theft or just a simple unsupervised use of online computer?

Teresa Shoemaker, mother of Kyle, didn’t take the situation lightly. She tried to call the consumer service of the credit card company, asked how come they issued credit cards to a 9 year old boy, but failed to get a serious response.

The mother suspected his boy is a victim of identity theft and has opted to retain a lawyer for Kyle protection. But even if this is not the case, someone has some explaining to do, says Teresa.

There is the video from Associated Press:

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Problem Set A

July 20, 2007

SET: AProblem: Produce the form shown below given the specifications stated herein under.



1. Create a new database whose database name is your SurnameStudentID.

2. Create a parent table whose requirements and sample records are shown below:



3. Create a child table whose requirements and sample records are shown below:



4. Compute for Extended Price which is equal to the product of NoOfItem & UnitPrice

5. Compute for Total Seedings and Total Extended Price


Hello world!

July 20, 2007

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